Winston Morrison

Founder of Winston's Den

Born January 29th 1930
Kilmarnock, East Ayrshire, Scotland
Works for Winston's Den
Occupation Boss
Favourite things The Beatles, Gangnam Style, Kirby, Marvel Comics

Winston Morrison (born January 29th 1930) is the boss and founder of Winston's Den.


Early lifeEdit

Winston was born in Kilmarnock. A few years later, he moved to Waterfoot. When Winston was 9, he wanted to create a pie filled with jelly. He told his friends and family about his plan. However, people laughed at it. One boy called David Spears moved into his village and he instantly became friends with him. Winston told him about his plan. He was happy with it. So in 1942, Winston and David bought a pastry base. They put jelly on it and covered the jelly with pastry. They both tried it and liked it. They made some more and let others try a slice. Some people liked it, some people didn't. It was praised for being sweet but was criticized for always falling apart.

Personal lifeEdit

Winston now lives in Cumbernauld but works in Merchant City, Glasgow. He has a fiancée named Stella McDade. They plan to marry in the future. He and Stella have 2 kids, Ryan Morrison and William Morrison. Ryan is 29, whilst William is 27. Ryan is a drug dealer and William works for Winston's Den.