Pot Noodle Music Maker is a 1997 non-game released for the SNES and Game Boy. It uses a modified engine of Mario Paint's music composer.

It received mixed reviews. It was praised for the ability to make more complex songs than Mario Paint, but was criticized for having a limited sound library. However, a hacker called HackDaHack reverse-engineered Pot Noodle Music Maker and made a port for the PC which lets you upload sounds.



In 1993, David Spears bought Mario Paint for his SNES. He liked the music composer on it. This gave him the idea for Winston's Den Interactive to create a Pot Noodle music composing cartridge. David Spears presented Mario Paint to Winston Morrisons. He was happy with the idea.

In 1995 Winston contacted Nintendo to see if Winston's Den Interactive could create a music composing app based on Mario Paint. They got the permission to do it. Winston announced to everyone at Winston's Den Interactive that they could use Mario Paint's engine.

PC PortEdit

In 2002 a hacker named HackDaDack got bored so he disassembled the Pot Noodle Music Maker ROM. He decided to port it to the PC. To make it better, he added more instruments and drumkits, and even added a feature where you can upload sounds and add looping points. By 2004 the port had been finished as freeware. It was hosted on his site, When HackDaHack hacked Pot Noodle Music Maker, he discovered that some of Mario Paint's music and sprites were in the game's code. This was because it uses Mario Paint's engine.


In Pot Noodle Music Maker, 8 channels are available to use. Echo is also supported.


  • Acoustic Piano
  • Electric Piano
  • Acoustic Guitar
  • Electric Guitar
  • Acoustic Bass
  • Electric Bass
  • Synth Lead
  • Synth Bass
  • Trumpet
  • Saxophone


  • Rock Drumkit
  • Electronic Drumkit
  • Hip Hop Drumkit
  • Jazz Drumkit


Pot Noodle Music Maker received mixed reviews. It was praised for being a complex music composing program but it was criticized for having a limited and low quality sound bank. EGM compared it to "someone only allowing you to paint in red albeit with millions of different shades".