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Pot Noodle: Mis-adventures was a game that was released for the PS1 and PS2 in 2003 by Psygnosis. Despite of having well known people voicing the characters, this game got many bad reviews like the gameplay, voice acting, story and graphics but praised about the music.


[Taken from the game manual]

Oh no! Doomsday Dave and his gang has stolen the secret recipe for the best Pot Noodles ever! It's up for Colin Curry, Chow, and the rest of their gang to bring back to recipe before it's too late!


Back in 1999, the working title was "The Pot Noodle Gang" and was going to be for the Sega Dreamcast. The project was on hold so in late 2000, Sega announced that the Dreamcast was going to be discontinued. In 2002, the gameplay was reaveled and was now named Pot Noodle: Mis-adventures. Psygnosis had said it's going to be released for the PS1 and PS2 at Summer 2003.



  • Colin Curry (voiced by Rik Mayall): The main leader of the gang, he loves curry and hangs out with Chow a lot.
  • Chow (voiced by Adrian Edmondson): Colin's "friend", he loves doing "pranks" to anyone.
  • Chick and Mush (voiced by Paul and Barry Chuckle): Chick is a big fat pot, he is very stupid and he has a fat man voice. Mush is Chick's twin, he is very angry at some moments as well as being the smartest of the group.
  • Sweetie: Sweetie is not sweet at all, she has a high pitched voice like Chow.
  • Spicy: Spicy is a hot head, he has a boring male voice.


  • Doomsday Dave: Dave is the main villain in the game, he stole the secret resipe for the best Pot Noodles ever. He has a low devil voice.
  • Beefy (voiced by Craig Charles): Beefy is one of Dave's goons.
  • POT_NOODLENO7: An unamed the game files. It doesn't have any voice actor, and it looks like a mess of pixels.