Pot Noodle was released in 1949 by Tesco. The idea was made by Walt Disney.


Walt Disney was sick of generic noodles. In 1945, he had plans to create Bieber Noodles. It was made of noodles, milk, herbs, butteroil, and chilli. However Disney and Hitler met up on April 28 1945. Disney let Hitler try some Bieber Noodles. Hitler said "All your base are belong to us". Disney punched Hitler in the face. In 1946 Disney put the Bieber Noodles idea on for sale. It would remain unsold until 1948 when Tesco would buy it for $40m. Tesco had no idea why it was named Bieber Noodles. So they renamed the bought idea Pot Noodle. The idea would finally be used in 1949 when Tesco started manufacturing Pot Noodles. They started manufacturing 3 flavours to begin with. They were: 'Chicken' and so-called Mushroom, Un-original Curry, Sweet and Sore. 

In 1950 it was reported by Tesco that they had made only £1m out of Pot Noodle. Tesco put Pot Noodle on sale. The bid's starting price was £500,000. It was finally bought over in 1951 by an unknown company called Winston's Den. They created two new flavours: Surprise!! and Guinness.

By 1953 Pot Noodle was becoming successful so Winston's Den got a bunch of hunchbacks and flies to join them. This resulted in a new flavour, Hunchback and Fly. It was negatively received. However, Winston said: "We don't care if it's crap. We just want your money!". This was controversial, resulting in everyone sobbing.

To apologize, Winston's Den released the flavour, Mild Language.


Pot Noodles received negative reviews. They have been panned for "smelling like a dog" and for "tasting like arse".